Exhibitions / Events

We are currently looking for artists and scheduling our upcoming One Union exhibitions this year. Our nonprofit has been showing artists’ work for 10 years in San Francisco and New York. We typically represent emerging artists who are pushing the boundaries with their new work. Our space works well for group shows, solo shows, or sculpture. Large work shows well in the space. 10 large or 15 medium-sized works are necessary to fill the space.

As a nonprofit committed to promoting emerging artists, we give artists 100% of the proceeds from their sales. At our One Union space, we generally have the work up for 6-8 weeks.

In order to host a reception, we require artists to bring 30 people minimum to their opening. In that case, we hold an artist’s reception and opening for the new work, opening the studio for that night and providing food and drink for the guests. We often have live music or a dj and occasionally incorporate fashion or other performance art in to our openings. We promote to our contacts of 1500+ people and we require that the artist(s) promote the show as well. Generally on a given opening night we get anywhere from 75-300 people passing through the studio. We provide the design and graphics for the opening promotional digital materials.

Most of the exposure happens at the opening, which is a highly targeted audience of art enthusiasts and designers. We also have the work accessible to visitors M-F 9am-6pm by appointment. Additionally, throughout the duration of the show the work is on display for our clients and visitors to the studio on a daily basis. The audience during the day is generally architects, artists, and members of the design community (by day our One Union studio is Sherwood Design Engineers – a sustainable civil engineering firm).

If interested in exhibiting with Liquid SPACES, please contact Colin Piper at colin@liquidspaces.org.

Past Events: 

Jonah Burlingame Art Opening – March 19, 2009
Craig Travis Harris Art Opening – December 4, 2008

Opening for Craig Harris, December 2008

Artist Jonah Burlingame at Liquid Spaces Opening










Reception at One Union Street



Exhibitions at One Union: San Francisco, California 

Exhibitions En Suite: New York, New York 


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