Exhibitions en suite

New York, New York
Liquid SPACES is honored to present art exhibitions within a unique workspace in midtown Manhattan. Exhibitions En Suite serves to draw attention to the art of emerging artists while enlivening and inspiring a professional environment.

Past Exhibition



May, 14 2007 – August 20, 2007

Australian Bush Fire, Australia 2003

Australian Bush Fire, 2003, 20" x 30"

We are pleased to present, as the premier exhibition of art on display at Liquid Spaces’ Exhibitions En Suite, Myopia, photography by San Francisco artist Dave Canny. Myopia is a visual defect in which light that enters the eye is focused in front of the retina rather than directly on it, so that distant objects appear blurred.* Myopia has affected Canny’s interpretation of the world since early childhood and inspires the photographs in this exhibition. Through Canny’s lens, landscapes and objects are rendered abstract, surreal and expressionistic. Myopia engages the imagination and welcomes the viewer to apply new visual and philosophical perspectives to everyday realities.

Myopia arrives in New York after a successful run at Exhibitions at One Union, San Francisco, CA. The limited edition photographs on display are available for purchase directly from the artist.

Dave Canny

San Francisco photographer Dave Canny has traveled the globe capturing images of our environment that underline the phenomena of visual perception as experienced by each unique individual. Since he was a young child, Canny’s myopia, or near sightedness, has had an extreme affect on the visual quality of his world. Without corrective visual aids, Canny’s surroundings take on the haziness we might associate with dream sequences in a film. Objects blur into unrecognizable shapes, and colors bleed creating an expressionist’s canvas in the real world.

The photographs exhibited in Canny’s current show at Exhibitions en Suite invite us to share his myopia-induced vision. Canny describes the common occurrences of viewing reflections in water and seeing objects through water as capturing the nature of myopia. By focusing on this quality as both striking and intriguing, Canny challenges us to re-envision our world and what we identify as shared perceptions. Canny’s desire is that we walk away from his images saying “I never thought of it that way”, the visual transformation leading us to new perspectives that identify new approaches to problems and fresh solutions.

Canny began taking photographs at the age of ten. He received his Bachelors’ degree in Ecology from Dartmouth College in 1997 and a Masters of Environmental Policy and Management from Duke University in 2002. His love of the natural world drives his photographic expeditions. In addition to serving as Program Manager at Pacific Gas & Electric Company in San Francisco, CA, Canny provides environmental consulting services through Ecospective. Ecospective’s mission is to “translate the under-appreciated, disconnected and unexplained.” His photography accomplishes as much.